MOTsThe Ministry of Transport test is compulsory for cars once they reach three years from first registration.

Everyone who uses a vehicle on the road is required to keep it in a roadworthy condition. The roadworthiness is checked in the interests of road safety and the environment by the MOT test. It is a way of making sure your car is structurally safe and sound but is not a substitute for regular servicing. The test does not check the condition of the engine, clutch and gearbox.

There is a specified checklist to ensure the car meets key legal requirements when it is tested.

The test takes approximately an hour and must be carried out at an authorized test centre, which will have all the equipment necessary such as brake tester, exhaust diagnostic equipment etc. All MOT testers will have been on a VOSA approved training course.


If your vehicle fails it’s MOT we can carry out all of the remedial work required to get it to the MOT standard and offer a free re-test.

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If the car conforms to all the criteria a certificate will be issued valid from the date of the test and valid for one calendar year. An MOT test can also be booked up to 28 days before the expiry of the previous certificate, and the extra time remaining will be added onto the new certificate (ie it can run for 13 months). If your car fails its MOT you will be issued with a failure certificate listing the work that needs to be undertaken to your vehicle in order for it to pass.

At West Wickham Service Station, we will always explain what the car has failed on and why this should be rectified, what the approximate cost will be, and if the work is done with us we will automatically retest the car free of charge.

If you need any further information on MOTs please do not hesitate to contact us and we can discuss your needs.